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"That's an Order" : A Star Trek drabble

Title: "That's an Order"
Fandom: Star Trek (2009 - reboot)
Characters: Pavel Chekov/Jim Kirk - Kirkov
Rating: G
Theme/Prompt: Imagine Chekov with a cold, and he refuses to do something about it, so Kirk carries him to the Med Bay. 'T' from stories_a_z and "That's an Order" from st_20_fics
Words: 584 words
Summary: An attempt at the above prompt.
Beta: natalieee182 - But any lasting mistakes are mine own. So lay off my beta! She tried!
Disclaimer: Don’t own, don’t sue. Characters belong to CBS and Paramount, and I am merely borrowing them with no harm intended to those concerned. No profit as been gained; no drugs, money, sex or otherwise exchanged hands during the making of this.

Tags: fandom: star trek xi, fanfic, rating: g
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